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Primera saves the bees!

Did you know…?

  • Bees can prolong their lives for the preservation of their colony 5 to 6 times, which remains a mystery for us humans until now.
  • Bees perceive different odours 1000 times better than humans, they smell flower aroma even from a distance of 1km.
  • A queen bee would never bite a human, even if he hurts her.
  • A bee cell is the most geometric form in nature; all cells have exactly an angle of 109.28 degrees.
  • Bees fly with a speed of up to 30km/h and can pollinate thousands of flowers per day.
  • For 100 g honey bees fly up to 46,000km, the same distance of the equator.
  • 85,000 tonnes of honey are consumed in Germany per year.
  • A bee collects 40-50 mg nectar per flight. On a 3km flight 70% are converted into energy.
  • If they collect 5 kg honey per day, 1.5-2 kg honey remain after processing and evaporation 40-70% of water.

Since 2006 more than 1 million bee colonies died worldwide. There are several reasons, e.g. pesticide, sickness and even the climate change. Many people would say ”So, what?“, but bees are very important for our eco system. 90% of all existing plants and 30% of our food have to get pollinized. In Europe alone over 4,000 kinds of vegetables are often grown with help of bees.

If there were no more bees, 75% of all economic plants, fruits and vegetables, 90% of all wild plants and all forage crops would be affected. Other consequences for our biosphere would follow. Pollution of air and water, spread of infectious diseases, huge social and environment disasters.

Due to the fact that you're just visiting this website, you probably received one bag of our seed mix, which should grow into a flower paradise for bees and be a joy for you. (If you didn't receive a seed bag, you can simply request one from us by email.) Our seed mixture contains various flower seeds that will bloom at different times and thus serve as food for bees a long time.

Sow our sample and save the bees!
printed labels
LX1000e Colour Label Printer

Primera recommends the LX1000e or the LX500e
for your seed + honey label printing

As Primera Technology, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of specialty colour label printers, this label was converted with an FX1200e digital cutter and printed on an LX900e color label printer.
LX-series colour label printers and CX/FX-series digital label press and finisher open a whole new world of printing opportunities. Photo-quality, full-colour labels are increasingly in demand. The LX-Series Label Printers utilize the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant full-colour product labels on-demand!

Print your own seed labels with the LX1000e Color Label Printers by Primera Technology. The LX-Series print full-colour, photo-quality images at 4800 dpi print resolution. Printed labels are highly water- and scratch-resistant making the LX-Series ideal labelling solutions for seeds or honey.

Many manufacturers, retail shops and private labelers use the LX-Series to print high-quality, short-run seed labels for retail packaging. Personalized labels can also be printed on demand for corporate gifts, events, and gift baskets. Simply add corporate logos with holiday greetings, anniversary photos or design a label for limited edition or seasonal products.

As you may well know, in the garden and food industry packaging is very important. With the LX-Series Color Label Printers, your labels will distinguish your products and company from the competition at an affordable price.