Instructions for updating Firmware

What is Firmware? Firmware is software stored on a memory chip in the hardware unit. Updates are necessary periodically to improve the mechanical functions of the unit.

When should I upgrade? We generally do not recommend updating firmware unless you are directed to do so by tech support or by a specific article on our knowledge base.

Instructions: Updating your firmware is fast and simple. Please follow these steps to insure a successful update:

  1. Make certain your unit is connected to your computer as described in your owner's manual. The unit should be turned on and ready to receive data. The printer driver software must be installed on the computer to which the unit is connected.
  2. Download the correct firmware updater for PC or Mac on the previous page. (Mac firmware has .sit or .dmg extensions.)

    In some cases there may be dual firmware versions listed on the download link. For example, Disc Publisher II firmware says Version 1.29 / 1.41. 1.41 is not a higher version than 1.29. It is simply a separate firmware update track. The utility will determine which version to update to based on the mainboard version in the unit. There is nothing you need to do except trust that the utility is updating to the latest version possible for your unit.

  3. For the PC:
    Once the firmware updater is downloaded, double click on the file to start the update. Follow the on-screen prompts. Typically, once the firmware update has been completed the power or ink cartridge button will flash. At this point you will be prompted to press the power button to reset the unit.

    For the Mac:
    Please note that on the MAC you will need to (1) unstuff the .sit file, (2) run the unstuffed pkg installer and then (3) go to the Printer Setup Utility, select the Printer, click on Utility, click About, then click Update Firmware to apply the installed package. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Important Notes: It is not possible to update the LX800 firmware if you have a current version lower than 2.01.