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Grey Market FAQ's

What is a Grey Market Product?

A Grey Market item is an item that is imported directly from another country that by-passes the manufacturer's authorized distributors in that country.

Who is Selling Grey Market Merchandise?

Lots of people on E-Bay, Yahoo Shopping and thousands of Internet websites with the exception of a few good honest dealers. If you don't know ask us; we will tell you the truth. Protect yourself by asking this question to your dealer specifically to see if the merchandise you are getting is grey market or authorized: "Is this a NEW item that is covered under warranty by PRIMERA EUROPE & are you an AUTHORIZED PRIMERA EUROPE Dealer?"

Will the Grey Market Item Carry the PRIMERA EUROPE WARRANTY?

No. Some stores will mislead you with useless third party Europe warranties or outright lie to you and claim that they warranty the items directly. The item will not be covered under PRIMERA EUROPE WARRANTY which means in a case of a problem you have to rely on the dealer you bought the unit from.

Will the Grey Market Item Include Any Current Promo's or Rebates?

No. Grey market items are not included in any Rebates or Promo's since these are handled by PRIMERA EUROPE or their Authorized Distibutors.

In Case My Gray Market Product Should Need Service or Repair, Can I Send It to PRIMERA?

That depends under what conditions the product was originally sold. For example OEMs purchase products without warranty, since they are handling incoming warranty claims on their own and therefore take care of service and support.
Usually, PRIMERA EUROPE doesn't repair gray imports as it wouldn't be legal because of the missing CE certification of such products. But if the customer specifically requests the repair of a gray market product, all services and repair work must be paid and there is no entitlement to further warranty claims.

Why Do Grey Market Items Cost Less?

Since the manufacturer’s authorized distributor and resellers are bypassed, they don't get paid. You buy the item for less because of this. The downside is that the people not getting paid are the people that would have otherwise been there for your support, service and warranty.  If they don’t get paid, they will not honor your warranty and sometimes simply not service or support you at all.

Am I Really Saving Money With Grey Market Items?

Probably not. The value add of having a warranty and in some cases a lifetime warranty, authorized service with trained personnel and genuine parts is worth a great deal of money, especially with today’s digital and electronic products which can need repair or lifetime warranty products which can need service/adjustment throughout its lifetime of use.  You save a few Euros up front but lose in the long run. It’s simply not worth it!

Why is Not Getting a Manufacturer's Warranty a Bad Thing ?

Do you want some ill-trained garage mechanic working on your high value product with non-genuine parts and no proper diagnostic tools or equipment?

But I Don't Want to Pay More Than I Have to!

We don't blame you. We all want value when we shop. However, real value is not giving up your warranty and service rights. We all need to make a little money to stay alive and feed our kids and keep our jobs here in Europe. How would you feel if someone walked into your place of employment and asked you to work for nothing? Honest retailers deserve to make a living for the services they offer, people they employ and products they stock with their own money — just like you deserve to get paid after you put in an honest day's work at your employer.