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With Touch'n'Print it only takes three steps until your label is printed.

Touch'n'Print solution

Touch’n’Print - Primera’s all-in-one print solution

Label Printing as Easy as “One, Two, Three”

It shouldn’t take an IT specialist and professional designer to print full-colour product labels. Small businesses, which don’t have a separate marketing and IT department and can’t afford to let the designs be created by design agencies, need a solution that makes label printing as easy as counting to three. With Primera’s new Touch’n’Print solution the process of creating and printing a label is straight forward and fast. printed label

Actually, it only takes three steps until your desired label is printed:

  1. Select a pre-designed label layout
  2. Choose or type in additional content, graphics or a database record
  3. Press the “Print” button

Simple Integration

Integrate third-party production devices and software tools with Touch’n’Print and include data from external sources on your labels. For example, integrate your bar code scanners, weight scales and other hardware and automatically add the bar code or weight to your labels.

Create Variable Data

Variable label data can come from as many sources as you need. Full serialization, including alphanumeric Serial numbers, custom bar code check digits, global variables, output masks, date/time arithmetic and scripting help you to create complex variables. You already have your label data in a database? So why not use it to enhance your labelling? Rather than create lots of near identical labels, just design a few templates and link Touch’n’Print with your existing database. Within Touch’n’Print you can then choose the dataset you need.

touch screen for label printing

Increase Your Productivity

Touch’n’Print will simplify the day-to-day work of your employees. We customise the application to fit your business processes and user needs, for example you are able to print multiple labels from a single form or let the database automatically select label formats.

Why Touch Screen?

Touch screen applications are easy to use and increase productivity. Simplified visual data selection helps the user to print labels faster with less effort.

Benefits of touch screen applications:

Top-Notch Hardware

touch-n-print hardware

The all-in-one Shuttle PC includes the revolutionary touch screen, which spares you the use of a mouse and even a keyboard. Folded 180° vertically, the chrome anti-slip pedestal can be used as a carrying handle. Additional to that, the Shuttle is completely passively cooled and therefore is virtually noiseless. In terms of power consumption this Shuttle PC sets an example – it‘s not just good for the environment but for your budget, too. No moving parts like fans or hard drives are less elements that may need service. So is the included SSD drive – ideal for maximum reliability.

For users, who prefer working with a real keyboard, Primera offers one with an integrated touch pad. The keyboard is water-resistant and antibacterial, designed for industrial applications where water, fluids, dust and dirt can damage a regular keyboard. These keyboards are sealed with 100% silicone and can be dipped in water and cleaned with soap or other cleaners (non-petroleum based). The rubberised surface provides comfortable typing. That makes it perfect to be used in food service, industrial, manufacturing, marine, military, and medical applications.

The LX900e Color Label Printer is the fastest and most economical to operate label printer. It utilises the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant, colourful labels for your products, boxes and packaging. Individual ink tanks for each colour let you replace only the colours that need replacing. You’ll save time and money on every job you print.